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Baycorp Group and it’s all wings are manages to run their full operational activities are ranges from capability to handle any Project Cargo till submission to the desired destination or Project Spot with a view to execute full chain works likely: Manage Cargo & Foreign Vessel Fixture at cargo load Port,  manage to perform cargo quality & quantity inspection with viable Test Reports, manage to load cargo into vessel smoothly at load port, control whole supply of cargo positively, monitoring foreign loaded vessel’s voyage till destination ports, receiving vessels at disports under local jurisdictions with collaboration of local Customs & Port Authorities vide using our Port & Customs enlisted our official authorized Customs Shipping Agent, accomplish all cargo formalities with the local concerned authorities with appropriate documentation, manage to arrange cargo lightering from mother vessel to coastal lighter barges at outer anchorages as well at inner berth, manage to perform cargo calculation & surveys on board both mother vessel and lighter barges in order to establish the accuracy of cargo carried & discharged in every stages, complete monitoring of whole STS lighter barges operation during whole cargo discharge periods, manage C&F works and appropriate documentations, arranging cargo stevedores for discharging cargo smoothly, fully operate lighter barges carrying contract till cargo unloading into project spot or inner berth, etc. vide engaging our in-house capable logistics support, which deserves a mention. In a nut-shell, in order to accomplish a full project cargo either in bulk or general, our in-house all wings are sufficient and capable from their respective responsibilities.

Baycorp Group, representing as a group of companies executing & serving under it’s several sister concerns namely Baycorp Shipping Lines Ltd., Baycorp Consortium Limited, Baycorp Indemnities Limited, Baycorp Marine Inspection & Salvage, Pacific Inspection (IRDA licensed), Baycorp Carrying & Contractors, Baycorp Freight & Logistics Ltd., TM Trade Link & Logistics Services, M/s. Mobil House, Mea International, Globemar Marine Services Company, Ridoy Traders (Customs C&F Agents), etc. Baycorp Group maintained under the local jurisdictions’ laws & policies and launched it’s activities in the last quarter of 2010, has had long experiences and involvement in Shipping Agency Activities, Trading in Bulk Commodities, assistances in vessel & cargo fixtures, arranging cargo transportation via lighter vessels & vehicles from vessel to destinations, P&I/H&M/FD&D relevant casualties matters & their complete solutions, handling vessel’s arrest matter and solutions, settlement of any claim and convey negotiations with the Claimants on behalf of Principals, Marine Investigation and Surveys, Loss Adjusting/Minimizing the Principals’ disputes & casualties, Settlement of any Dispute and Consultancy Services, etc. Baycorp Group is responsible for assisting internationally valued Principals likely Shipowners, Ship Managers, Ship Operators, Ship Charterers, P&I Club Members (Shipowners or Ship Charterers), Cargo Suppliers, Shipper, P&I Clubs, H&M and FD&D Underwriters, Marine Insurers & their affiliated vessels which calling/staying at Chittagong/Mongla disports in Bangladesh territory. With the aim of providing a complete set of assistances as “One-stop Services Under Unique Umbrella” to our afore-mentioned valued all Principals, Baycorp Group indeed established & currently manages to run its full operation as “all-rounder” which deserves a mention.

Vis-à-vis, assisting our valued international Principals (mentioned above), we are also capable to assist several local Principals likely local cargo importers, Consignees, Cargo Project Principals, cargo coastal vessels’ Owners, Container Depot managements, etc.

We, Baycorp Group, are cordially offering our Maritime & Shipping Agency Services, P&I/H&M/FD&D Claim & Casualties Solution Services, all kinds of Marine Investigation/Inspection/Surveys services, Owners and Charterers relevant vessels services, Trading in Bulk Commodities Services for Chittagong/Mongla Ports in Bangladesh as well it’s associated off-shore several Marine Support & Assistances, etc. to our all valued international & local Principals.

Under Baycorp Group, our several concerned departments and their detail introduction, capabilities & activities are described in detail to “Our Concerned Group” pages.

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