Globemar Marine Services Co.
is another entity of Baycorp Group which have had a long positive experiences in the marine services & inspections as well in Cargo Carrying & Logistics Services and presently continuing valued services to valued Principals and their vessels & units smoothly with maximum satisfaction. As local marine services provider, this unit can serve their best effort & activities into all coastal lighter barges as well all types of oceangoing vessels including Dry Bulk Cargo Carrier, Liquid/Oil/Gas/Chemical cargo carrier tanker, Project & Heavy Lift Cargo Carrier, any types General Cargo Carrier, Ro-Ro vessels, Cruise/Passenger Carrier, Container vessels, etc. which are call at the ports of Chittagong, Matarbari & Mongla in Bangladesh. Our unit’s mission is to ensure a safe, efficient, protective and cost effective all types of marine services and duly accomplish our mission by providing superior quality marine services through efficiency and tact of work. During our marine services activities period, we are capable to provide all sorts of marine assistances/services whatever may require to the Principals (local or foreign) and their vessels.

Rony Roy
Head of Division
Mobile: +880 1813 192282 (24X7 Hours Available)
Tel : +880 31711625 Ext. 103
Skype ID: rony.roy1992

Shah All Kibria
CEO, Managing Partner
Mobile: +880 177 2578426 (24X7 Hours Available)
Tel : +880 31711625 Ext. 102
Skype ID: shah.kibria1

In a nut-shell, kindly find hereunder a brief overview of our extended range of services as under:

Loss Prevention Surveys (Dry/Liquid cargo) All Kinds Marine Spare Parts Supply Crew Exchange & Repatriation Services Cargo Shortage & Damage Resolving
Draft Surveys Shore Tank Surveys Ship Supply Services Marine Consultancy
Ullage Surveys Watchmen Supply Underwater Inspection Sludge Disposal
Continuous Discharge Monitoring on board Ship Repair and Inspection Ship Handling All Type Agency Activities Lube Oil/Bunker & Provisions Supply
Tally Surveys Water Supply Port Captaincy Customs Broker
Off/On-Hire Bunker + Condition Surveys Collision/Contact Incidents Inspection Bay Pilotage & Private Pilotage Services Loss Adjusting & Legal Assistances.

Our Services Decription:

  • Cargo Draft Surveys (Initial/ROB/Final) for dry bulk cargo carrier vessels to ascertain/establish cargo carried quantity for Principals/Vessels Protection.
  • Cargo Ullage Surveys (Initial/ROB/Final/Empty Tank Inspection) for liquid cargo carrier tanker vessels to ascertain/establish cargo carried quantity for Principals/Vessels Protection.
  • Complete Shore Tanks Surveys during liquid cargo discharging from tanker vessels to Customs Bonded local shore tank terminals, etc.
  • For both tanker & dry bulk carrier vessels Continuous STS cargo discharge operation monitoring, assist vessel/Master and to check alongside lighter barges cargo receipt ullages taken & fendering arrangements to avoid any cargo short discrepancies/disputes, etc.;
  • Ship Repair and Inspection, Underwater Inspection, Collision/Contact Incidents Inspection, Cargo Shortage & Damage Resolving, Loss Adjusting & Legal Assistances, Marine Consultancy, etc.;
  • For Bagged Cargo & General Cargo, Project Cargo vessels, to carry out Check Tally Surveys, Cargo Condition Surveys, Continuous Cargo Discharge Monitoring & on board vessel/Master support/assistances, etc.
  • Bunker Surveys, Off/On-Hire (B&C) Bunker Surveys & Off-Hire Condition Surveys (during redelivery of the vessel and/or at any stage, etc.);
  • Stevedore Contact/Lighter Barge Contact Damages Investigation, Claim Formation Handling, Claim Settlement, etc.
  • Hatch Sealing/Unsealing Inspection, Break Bulk Cargo Conditions Inspection & issuing Certificate, etc.
Globemar Marine Services Co.
Address: Kashfia Plaza (2nd Floor)
923/A SK. Mujib Road, Agrabad C/A,
Chittagong -4100, Bangladesh.
Telephone: +880 31 711625 Ext. 102 & 103
Emergency Contact: +880 1813 192282 (24 X 7 available)
Email: ,

Core Activities :
We provide our valued Principals (Shipowners/Charterers/Ship Operators) with the following Shipping Services at various ports in Bangladesh:

● Specialized in Ship & Container Repairing services, Spare Parts delivery to the vessel, cargo purchasing & carrying contract, ship chandlering, Provision Suppliers, Documents and parcel delivery to the vessel, Crews/Officers sign On/Off activities, Sludge/Garbage disposal from the vessel, Fresh Water (FW) supply on board, clear & forward all type of marine cargo & container and also working as a carrying contractor, etc.

● Can provide several marine inspection relevant assistances with comprising and appointing several marine experts (eg. Master Mariners, Chief Engineers, Marine Expert Surveyors, Port Captain/Pilots, Tally Surveyors, Lawyers, Doctors, repair workshops, etc.).

●Cargo Quality and Quantity (Dry & Liquid) inspection, Ships (Mother vessels & lighter vessels) Repair & Inspection;

●Off/On-Hire Bunker & Condition Surveys;

● Deep Sea Private Pilotage Services on board;

● Continuous Cargo Discharge Monitoring & Cargo Condition Surveys, Hatch Unsealing Inspection & Break Bulk Cargo Condition Surveys;

● Container Inspection, Damaged Container Investigations & Repairing Monitoring;

● Other Miscellaneous Marine Inspection Services on requirement basis;

● Can provide valuable Marine & Suppliers Services to the several foreign & local principals and their foreign vessels & local coastal lighter vessels at Chittagong Port of Bangladesh territory including Freight & Logistics Supports, etc.

● Experienced in Carrying Contractors & suppliers at Chittagong with serving several marine, supply & carrying activities by using long vehicles, coastal lighter vessels/barges, etc.

We can ensure Principals/Owners/Charterers our best competitive rate for afore-mentioned every services when require.