Under Baycorp Group, our unit of M/S. Mea International, as “The Hub of Confidence” have acquired a great capacity and capability to move business in the Trading & Supply of Stone, Coal, Limestone, Clinker, Sand, etc. Our these units rely on our own sources for the supply of Goods and dewll on safe practices to achieve this based on the fact that all transactions are meticulously handled. Over the years, our these units have played a significant role that has rekindled hopes across the Bangladesh in various Trading, Supplying and Water, Land Logistics & Shipping activities, which deserves a mention. Our these units are fully fledged, having acquired its license under Govt. of Bangladesh.

We achieved our Clients whereby assureds that all the good things in Trading are in “The Hub of Confidence” where disappointment has lost its place in our dictionary and only satisfaction has prominence in our operations. FYKI, our commodities Stocks are frequently updated and supplies to our Clients as per desires & satisfaction.

As far as Logistics Services is concerned, we are a recognized Transport & Logistics Service Provider, specialize in Bulk Transportation of Stone, Aggregate, Sand, Earth, Mineral Products & Containerized goods. We provide an exemplary service supporting different industry sectors including Constructions, Infrastructure, Ready Mix Concrete, Industrial & Heavy Haulage. What makes us exceptional is our unique ability to customize complete Transport & Logistics Packages for special Project requirements. We also provide inland water transportation throughout Bangladesh by lighter coastal vessels/barges & vulgate, etc. 

Mea International is a Govt. registered Cargo Export & Import relevant renowned company in Bangladesh affiliated with Shipping Cargo Trade (Import/Export) concerned Authority, etc. We are always available for handling local & international Project Cargo & Equipments in supply & contract forms of business.

This Trade unit maintaining under the local jurisdictions’ laws & policies and launched it’s activities in the year of 1998 and affiliated with the Baycorp Group in the last quarter of 2011, has had long experiences and involvement in arena of Trading in Bulk (Dry/Liquid) Commodities, assistances in vessel & cargo fixtures, arranging cargo transportation via lighter vessels & vehicles  from vessel to destinations, controlling Marine Surveys & Loss Adjusting/Minimizing the Principals’ disputes & casualties, Settlement of any Dispute and Consultancy Services, etc. It is also available for assisting internationally valued Principals likely Cargo Suppliers/Cargo Receivers/ Cargo & Vessel Brokers/Shipowners/Ship Managers/Ship Operators/Charterers/P&I Clubs/H&M/FD&D Underwriters/Marine Insurers & their vessels which calling/staying at Chittagong/Mongla disports in Bangladesh territory. With the aim of providing a complete set of assistances as “One-stop Services Under Unique Umbrella” to our afore-mentioned valued all Principals, this Trade unit indeed established & currently manages to run its full operation as “all-rounder” which deserves a mention.

Vis-à-vis, assisting our valued international Principals (mentioned above), we are also capable to assist several local Principals likely local cargo importers, Consignees, Cargo Project Principals, cargo coastal vessels’ Owners, Container Depot managements, etc.

Sakhawat Jamal Dulal
Proprietor, Head of Division
Mobile: +880 1819853162
(24X7 Hours Available)
Tel : +880 31711625 Ext. 105
E-mail: agency@baycorp-bd.com
Whatsapp: +880 1819853162

Shah All Kibria
Managing Partner, Head of Ops.
Mobile: +880 177 2578426 (24X7 Hours Available)
Tel : +880 31711625 Ext. 102
E-mail: kibria@baycorp-bd.com operation@baycorp-bd.com
Skype ID: shah.kibria1

  • Can assist our all Principals (local & international) including Shipowners, Charterers, local cargo importers/cargo receivers/cargo consignees, cargo indenters/brokers, etc. during vessel & cargo fixing by using our long-list channels.
  • Can act as Owners’ Protective Agent to provide Shipowners several activities for the vessel during stay period at Port, to provide shipping activities for vessel’s safety Port Call, discharge period & safety sails, etc.
  • Ship Handling all types of Owners/Charterers Protecting Agency Activities and On Board vessel any kind of assistances/documentation updates services, etc. …and many more.
  • Can provide Deep Sea Private Pilotage Services/Port Captaincy/Bay Pilotage Services (during vessel’s shifting from Kutubdia anchorage to inner anchorage & vice-versa.
  • Can handle & assist during Crews/Technicians/On Board Officers/Superintendent’s Exchanges (Sign-on/off), embarkation/disembarkation, all formalities, etc.
  • Can supply Watchmen & on board vessel representatives during stay period at Port for vessel’s protection.
  • Vessel’s any documents & certificates delivery/update/re-registration requirements, etc.
  • Fresh Water (FW) Supply, all Kinds Marine Spare Parts Supply, Ship/Provision Supply, cabin stores supply, Lube Oil/Bunker & Provisions Supply, etc.
  • Sludge/Anything Disposal arrangement from the vessel during stay period at Port.
  • Continuous STS discharge operation monitoring, assist vessel/Master and to check alongside lighter barges fendering arrangements to avoid any contact incidents on hull, etc.
  • Bunker Surveys, Off/On-Hire (B&C) Bunker & Off-Hire Condition Surveys (during redelivery of the vessel and/or at any stage, etc.).

We can ensure Principals/Owners/Charterers our best competitive rate for afore-mentioned every services when require.

Mea International
Head Office: Kashfia Plaza (2nd Floor)
923/A SK. Mujib Road, Agrabad C/A,
Chittagong -4100, Bangladesh
Liaison Office: 14 No. AC Datta Lane, Patharghata, Chittagong.
Telephone: +880 31 711625 Ext. 102, 103, 105
Mobile: +880 1772578426 & +880 1819853162
Email: agency@baycorp-bd.com , Mea_int@yahoo.com
Web: www.baycorp-bd.com

Core Activities :

We provide our valued Principals (Shipowners/Charterers/Ship Operators) with the following Shipping Services at various ports in Bangladesh:

● Shipping Agent (Bulk/Feeder/Tanker/Container/RO-RO/ Liner).

● Act as Owners Agent or Owners protecting Agent or Charterers Declaring Agent and/or Husbandary/Exclusive Agents.

● Agents for Vessels listed in Chittagong for scrapping / demolition.

● Bunker and Chandlers Services, Lube Oil/Bunker & Provisions Supply & Supply of all kinds Marine Spare Parts.

● Crew manning agent (Crew + Officer).

● Crew exchange & repatriation.

● Project And Heavy Lift Cargo Handling.

● Other arrangement of cargo like Stevedores, C&F, coastal lighter barges contract, Check Tally, Loss Prevention & Pre-cautionary all type of Surveys, Port/Bay/Private/Deep Sea Pilotage Services, etc.