We are expertise also in the arena of Marine Loss Prevention Services. Our in-house concerned departments are regularly serving such services with ranges from Cargo Quality & Quantity establishment surveys, Continuous Cargo Discharge Monitoring, Cargo Conditions Surveys, continuous basis assistance to the vessel on board as well assist Master on board vessel, Cargo Draft Surveys, Ullage Surveys, Bagged Cargo Tally Surveys, Off-Hire/On-Hire Bunker Surveys, Off-Hire Vessel Full Condition Surveys, Underwater inspection & clean, Ship repair inspection, Cargo shortage/damages surveys, Private Pilotage Services, Contact/Collision surveys, ship supply services, Shore Tanks Surveys, lighter barges cargo quantification surveys with sealing, Hatch Unsealing inspections & issuing certificates, water supply to the vessel, watchmen supply, bunker & provision supply, any kind of spare & machinery tools supply on board vessel, etc. and miscellaneous services providing to our Principals vessels.