We are expertise in P&I/H&M/FD&D services for any vessels at Chittagong/Mongla Ports in Bangladesh since 2010 & regularly serving those services to our ultimate Principals (eg. P&I Clubs, H&M/FD&D Underwriters, Marine Insurers, etc.) ranges from Loss Prevention Cargo Shortage/damages matters (quality & quantity adjusting), any type of cargo quality/quantity disputes resolving, Crews illness/injuries/death matters handling, Collision Matters between vessels investigation and solving, vessel’s Hull damages investigations, STS lighter contact damages investigations and assist the vessel, Bunker dispute investigations, floating objects & jetties damages investigations, on board fire incidents investigations, and miscellaneous types of Marine Claims handling & resolving, etc. Our such activities accomplished in collaboration with enlisted competent Surveyors/Master Mariners/Technical Experts/Chief Engineers as well vide using our expert Claim Handlers, etc.